Voiceover work definitely comes in waves. I’ll start to get discouraged that I haven’t booked any jobs in a while, and then they all seem to converge on me at once! The trick is to keep auditioning no matter what.

I landed a job this week narrating an Internet ad for a cybersecurity company. The gig was listed as a one-minute video and the budget was stated as $360. It turns out they want me to do a series of four of these videos, for the same fee each time! AND, they said the client loved my audition, which was the first 30 seconds of the script – so half the work is done already! That’s the type of job I can really dig.

I also accepted a contract to narrate a short sci-fi novel titled Time Capsel, by Jonathan Maas. I’d describe it as if H.G. Wells rewrote The Time Machine with Seven of Nine as the protagonist. It should be finished sometime in February, so look for the link and the opportunity to download a free copy in exchange for a review.

My other project currently in the works is a nonfiction audiobook, The Six Parenting Tools: A Guidebook for Perplexed Parents, by Dr. Richard W. Wadsworth. The author is hoping to make this book available to his patients who come to him for help with family and relationships. I’ll post the link when it’s on Audible!

Here’s a selection of other voice acting gigs I’ve auditioned for in the past few weeks: