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February 15, 2022 Comments Off on Recent auditions Audiobooks,Voice Acting kstrecker1701

This past week, I finished recording two audiobooks: The Six Parenting Tools, which is now up for sale on Audible; and Time Capsel, which is still in the tech review process.

I was contacted by Tica House Publishing to narrate another cozy mystery in the Mrs. Pomolo Investigates series. This one is called Monsters & Mystery, and it should be finished in the next few days. Look for the link!

I’ve been submitting auditions like crazy lately … and getting enough of them shortlisted that I’ve moved into the top 20% of voice talent on Voice123! Here’s a sample of the jobs I’ve gone out for in the past couple of weeks:

  • Four romance audiobooks
  • Dating guide audiobook
  • Workplace diversity guide audiobook
  • Sci fi thriller audiobook
  • Castanet real estate app explainer video
  • Character voices in WWII documentary (shortlisted)
  • Rhino Roofing commercial
  • JonEvac bathroom air freshener ad
  • Award show “voice of God”
  • Web ad for Mixtiles decorating tools
  • Characters for animated movie (shortlisted)
  • Inner monologue for Floor & Decor video character
  • Voiceover for trucking company video
  • Phone system messaging for Trading dot com (shortlisted)
  • Spring marketing video for Brother sewing machine dealers
  • Pitch video for Paso Robles business community (shortlisted)
  • Thales cybersecurity online video
  • CSL Shipping online video (shortlisted)
  • Online ad for Awara mattresses
  • GE Live Outage online video voiceover
  • Pilot Gas Station online ad (shortlisted)
  • IRIS Identity Theft Protection phone messaging
  • Capgemini Compensation Pay Planning Process online video
  • Online ad for Greater Cincinnati strategic plan
  • Two online video voiceovers for Dell
  • Scotts/Hawthorne employee volunteerism video (shortlisted)
  • Character voice for bank heist video game
  • United Way Red Tie Gala announcer
  • AACE membership video voiceover
  • ESFI utility network mutual aid video
  • Idaho Forest Products 15-second spots
  • Online video for Invesco financial education services
  • Character voice for TV pitch
  • Callbox Storage online ad
  • Audiobook about Artificial Intelligence
  • Online B2B video for YourRhythmics ECG system (shortlisted)
  • Summerhill Resorts promotional video for trade show
  • In-house corporate talent marketplace platform explainer (shortlisted)
  • HR video for OEC new hires
  • Narration of a Supreme Court opinion from 1803
  • SiteOne on-hold messaging (shortlisted)
  • Elearning course on the Friedman Notetaking Method
  • OBE internal corporate video on The Great Resignation
  • “How To Secure a Boat” video for the American Canoe Association
  • Online video for Refinitiv investment programs
  • Celonis order management entry guide video voiceover
  • Promo for Medtronic Strata MRII adjustable pressure valve
  • Online ad for Mobile Pixels marketing agency
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