Recent auditions
January 10, 2022 Comments Off on Recent auditions Voice Acting kstrecker1701

I figured it might be fun to share with you guys what kinds of jobs I’ve been auditioning for. I’ll post about any successful gigs!

  • Wellness tracker app explainer for giant healthcare company
  • Hip replacement product intro for orthopedic surgeons
  • Recruiting video for architecture/engineering company
  • Instructional video for web page builder app
  • Explainer video for dialysis center scheduling app
  • Video ad for supply chain logistics
  • Training video for employee mentoring program
  • Internet video for healthcare business transparency solution
  • Online video for integrated auto sales system
  • Voiceover for pet aftercare services for veterinarians
  • Tourism app for local destinations
  • Investor video for a new migraine product
  • Video about development work in Vietnam
  • “Holidays on Fifth Avenue” tourism video narration
  • Motorcycle ad
  • Investor video for bitcoin mining company
  • Product promo for healthy dietary supplement
  • Web video for data backup and installation support service
  • Ad for local theater production, “Rattlesnake Kate”
  • Western romance audiobook
  • Urban fantasy audiobook

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