Tag: promo code

Tag: promo code

New audiobook: The Mayor’s Fiancee
Image July 12, 2022 Audiobooks kstrecker1701

This will be the last Mail Order Brides romance novel I narrate for a while … I have so many other long-term projects that I will have to return to these in the future. But this one is brand new, and full of drama, intrigue, and good old-fashioned romance. Promo codes are available if you’re

New audiobook: The Nurse Finds Love
Image June 7, 2022 Audiobooks kstrecker1701

If you like your Western romances with a little bit of intrigue and suspense, this might be the book for you. Promo codes are available if you’re willing to leave an honest review on Audible! After being turned down by yet another employer, nurse Adele Cowen is in dire straits — her rent is due,

New audiobook: Swapping His Bride
Image June 1, 2022 Audiobooks kstrecker1701

Sometimes, you just need a no-stress, no-drama distraction from … well, stress and drama. This latest Mail Order Brides audiobook is short, sweet, romantic, and just the ticket. I can send you a code for a free download if you promise to leave a review on Audible! Lonely, heartbroken, and determined to leave tragedy behind,

New audiobook: The Bride’s Arrangement
Image April 10, 2022 Audiobooks kstrecker1701

I just had another Mail Order Brides audiobook go live on Audible. This one has some good character development and a suspenseful situation – I hope you enjoy it! Laura Willard has a problem. Her father is marrying her off to the highest bidder for his personal gain, and she detests the man he has

New audiobook: Rescuing the Duped Bride
Image April 4, 2022 Audiobooks kstrecker1701

Another sweet, clean, listen-in-one-sitting Western romance is up on Audible! This is the next book in Susannah Calloway’s “Mail Order Brides” series, and your heart will be warmed, guaranteed. When her father passes away suddenly, Justine Mayer has no reason to stay in Boston. With the promise of a romance, she answers an advert for

New audiobook: Crimes & Costumes
Image March 25, 2022 Audiobooks kstrecker1701

I’m happy to announce that the next cozy mystery in the Mrs. Pomolo Investigates series is now available on Audible! I was genuinely anxious for the main character during the tense climax in this one. (Spoiler – she makes it out just fine!) Feeling guilty for spending too much time on her phone and wanting

New audiobook: Monsters & Mystery
Image February 21, 2022 Audiobooks,Voice Acting kstrecker1701

Another cozy mystery in the Mrs. Pomolo Investigates series is up! This one was fun – it deals with cryptids, unsolved deaths, and a climax in a hedge maze! I got to continue voicing the recurring characters and try different approaches for some new ones. Amateur sleuth Geneva Pomolo and her assistant, Iris Reeves, are

New audiobook: Time Capsel
Image February 18, 2022 Audiobooks,Voice Acting kstrecker1701

Try to imagine what H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine would have been like if he’d written it with Seven of Nine as his protagonist. That’s close to what you’ll find in Time Capsel, by Jonathan Maas. This is quiet, contemplative, speculative fiction that explores the possibilities of humankind’s future and opens the door to your

New audiobook: The Six Parenting Tools
Image February 13, 2022 Audiobooks kstrecker1701

I just finished my first nonfiction narration, and enjoyed working with the author and getting to know him and his work. If you have kids, you’re bound to come away from this book with at least one good takeaway. Please share the links with a friend or relative who may be struggling with being a

Reached a milestone!
Image February 8, 2022 Audiobooks,Uncategorized kstrecker1701

Woo hoo! As of today, the three audiobooks that I narrated on a Royalty Share deal have sold a combined 100 copies! That’s not quite Powerball money, but it’s the beginning of what I hope will be a growing stream of residual income. I have one other book – a nonfiction guide to parenting –