New projects - pioneer ladies, CPR instructors, and an important new book

The booth has seen plenty of activity over the past couple of weeks! I’ve been busy with various one-off voiceover jobs and as always auditioning, auditioning, auditioning. Some of my latest projects include an instructor’s guide for a course for teaching school children how to respond to a cardiac arrest emergency and a radio ad for a regional credit union where I play a comical pioneer lady.

I’ve just started work on another audiobook, and it’s one I’m very honored to narrate. “And Life Continues” is the memoir of a survivor of sex trafficking. Her story is gut-wrenching and tragic, and absolutely relatable – she and I are close to the same age, and we’re both from the Pacific Northwest. This is no Hollywood thriller with girls being abducted by the bad guys and vigilantes coming to the rescue. Wendy Barnes became trapped in a relationship in her teens and was manipulated into working the streets by her boyfriend, who used her devotion to him and their children to convince her she had no alternative.

I don’t mind spoiling the ending for you – Wendy made it out of that life, and she’s now a national speaker on the topic of human trafficking and helps train police officers on how to deal with the victims in those cases. “And Life Continues” is difficult to digest, but its message may be the key to saving someone’s life down the road.

We’re just now getting started on the project, but I’ll keep you posted on its progress!