Another sweet, clean, listen-in-one-sitting Western romance is up on Audible! This is the next book in Susannah Calloway’s “Mail Order Brides” series, and your heart will be warmed, guaranteed.

When her father passes away suddenly, Justine Mayer has no reason to stay in Boston. With the promise of a romance, she answers an advert for a mail-order bride and sets out for Fielder’s Union, Arkansas. When she arrives, she discovers the man she is all set to marry isn’t waiting for her. Even worse, he may never have existed.

Taken in and sheltered by the Barnett family, she begins to rebuild her shattered life in Fielder’s Union, unsure of what the future holds. All she knows is she has found new friends, including the handsome local sheriff, Tom Barnett, who has promised to get to the bottom of her missing groom.

As Justine begins to enjoy her new life, she remains plagued by uncertainty about her future, questions about her past—and her undeniable attraction to Sheriff Barnett. Can she put her trust in this man and his promise to protect her? Or will her heart be another casualty in the Wild West?

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