This read-in-one-sitting sci-fi horror tale is now a listen-in-one-sitting sci-fi horror tale, narrated by Kathleen Strecker! Originally published in the collection Thylacine Dreams, this binge-worthy novella will hook you from the first word to the last. So download it today and see what lies beneath our feet. You'll find that there are terrors far greater than the roving undead—far greater indeed. For fans of: Listen-in-one-sitting tales, short fiction, zombies, the undead, The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, 28 Days Later, Stephen King, horror, philosophy, and tales from the perspective of the universe.

You’ve just survived a global pandemic. But instead of making people sicken and die, this disease (or whatever it is) brings the dead back to life.

Pfft, no sweat, you think. You’ve seen plenty of zombies in movies and TV. You know how to eradicate them.

But so far, pop culture has only taught us how to deal with human zombies. What about roadkill? What about things that lived in the ocean? What about the billions of insects that die every day?

What about all the human corpses that we so carefully and respectfully buried six feet under the earth for thousands of years?

This is the second short speculative fiction novella I’ve narrated for author Jonathan Maas (the first is Time Capsel), and I relish every sentence he writes. His prose is calm and thought-provoking, with action where it needs to be and enough chills and dark humor to keep things interesting.