Try to imagine what H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine would have been like if he’d written it with Seven of Nine as his protagonist.

That’s close to what you’ll find in Time Capsel, by Jonathan Maas. This is quiet, contemplative, speculative fiction that explores the possibilities of humankind’s future and opens the door to your own journey of wonderment. I enjoyed narrating it and envisioning how Maas’ future would sound.

This is a listen-in-one-sitting short tale about a woman named Capsel who travels through time – not by breaking the speed of light – but by entering a stasis pod at regular intervals.

Each entry is a one-way journey, and each time she emerges she finds that the world is in a very different place.

We don’t know why she is doing this at first, but Capsel’s true purpose is eventually revealed, and it is quite grand indeed.