Recent jobs

In the past, I’ve posted now and then about interesting voiceover gigs I’ve auditioned for … with hopeful little notes like “shortlisted!” or “got a good feeling about this one!” Lately, though, I’ve been landing so many projects (yayyy!) that I might as well just tell you about them, and never mind the ones that […]

Auditions and jobs!

Voiceover work definitely comes in waves. I’ll start to get discouraged that I haven’t booked any jobs in a while, and then they all seem to converge on me at once! The trick is to keep auditioning no matter what. I landed a job this week narrating an Internet ad for a cybersecurity company. The […]

Recent auditions

I figured it might be fun to share with you guys what kinds of jobs I’ve been auditioning for. I’ll post about any successful gigs! Wellness tracker app explainer for giant healthcare company Hip replacement product intro for orthopedic surgeons Recruiting video for architecture/engineering company Instructional video for web page builder app Explainer video for […]